La video de Sir Valor Sax

7 chord qualities :

  1. Augmented
  2. Suspended
  3. Major
  4. Dominant
  5. Minor
  6. Half Diminished
  7. Full Diminished

Major trick A

Imagine a IIm7 V7 IM7.

On Dm7 play Am penta (+b5) which is CM penta.

On G7 play Cm penta (+b5), not to be considered as Eb (redactor’s note).

On CM7 play M7.

Major trick B

C Major bebop : C D E F G Ab A B.
It’s lydian mode : G A B C# D Eb E F#
It’s lydian mode (starting with B) : B C# D Eb E F# G A


À 5’40”