Video de Zack Grooves

Le mec de BB King :
être attentif à tout (oreilles, yeux), tout prendre, être versatile

Greg Bissonette :
Avoir le bon tempo du début à la fin.

EMC guy :
Basics : technique, listen and watch as much as possible. Get a private instructor.

Peter Erskine :
Never pat a burning dog (Steve Gadd).

Donald Barrett :
Keep practicing, keep listening, open your ears and get to work, keep practicing.

Dimitri Fantini :
Focus on fundamentals, on technique that keeps you really be relaxed. Work slowly to have solid fundations.

Allison Miller :
Reach out to your heroes.

Roger Carter :
Play things that have a musical purpose, not just a bunch of licks. « Chops don’t solve every problem ».

Keio Stroud :
Listen to everyone, learn to read ?? out.

Dorothea Taylor :
Practice, practice, practice.

Edison :
Use a metronome as much as possible, listen to as much as possible, try to get the basics done.

Matthew :
Don’t overpower the band.