1. Night
    1. nuit gymnase
  2. Shopping 2. cuisine, ragots 3. Wife 4. Nick, Eyes, go in twos, guard and bone 5. Luke, city, freedom to, from, oranges, tourists from Japan 6. Wall
  3. Night 7. Fire story
  4. Waiting room 8. Econowives mourning , chicken, bath?, commander makes a move 9. Room, “in flight from his wife”, “they also serve?”, message 10. Singing, things, convo with Moira, “ignoring is not the same as ignorance, you have to work at it”, “we lived in the gaps between the stories” 11. Doctor 12. bath, child stolen at supermarket, dinner, composing a self
  5. Nap 13. “time as white sound”, pigeons’test, pig ball, blank time training, her fault, passage chelou fin p83, separation,
  6. Household 14. Ceremony, news, taking the car 15. Commander arrival, pre-ceremony, Moira flees, caught 16. Ceremony 17. Back to the room, butter, steal something in the sitting room, Nick
  7. Night 18. what I believe
  8. Birth day 19. Egg, Birthmobile, pas compris fin 20. Janine? Birth position, movies, her mother 21. Birth 22. Moira’s story 23. Scrabble: “understatement of the year”, “s.he who does not hesitate is lost”
  9. Night 24. Context is all, TV program, something broken
  10. Soul scrolls
  11. Arrangement, other visits, he ought to know
  12. Description of new relations with Commander and Wife
  13. Wall is University wall, where Eyes work, Ofglen
  14. Moira in her 20s, women had jobs, coup etat
  15. Precedente dans la chambre
  16. Night
  17. Cat, prayer
  18. Jezebel’s
  19. Morning, Ofglen, another man
  20. Ask for a match, what do you think
  21. Prayvaganza, Moira slaps Janine
  22. Given more than taken away, love, we know you are seeing him alone
  23. Fleeing story, love, as if the two of you were a puzzle that could be solved, the picture
  24. Going out,
  25. Inside the club, one woman with several clothes, one cloth several women
  26. Moira’s story, told at the Jezebel clib
  27. Room, last time she saw her mother, bathos
  28. Night
  29. With Nick
  30. Salvaging
  31. Nick again
  32. Women’s Salvaging
  33. Guardian killing
  34. New Ofglen, the last one hanged herself
  35. Caught
  36. Night
  37. Black van

Music les sylphides